Our Story

Integrity Business Services brings over 30 years of combined business experience in banking, bookkeeping, and income tax preparation. Opening her own business in 1996, Terry D’Aria realized that local citizens and small businesses needed a single source for a variety of personalized professional services at a reasonable rate. As a result, Integrity Business Services began offering bookkeeping, payroll services, income tax preparation, graphics design, and printing services. As her business grew, she later added other services such as managing the St. James Self-Storage and began working with the local cable company to accept payments and equipment. Integrity Business Services continues to pride itself in providing personal, professional attention to each of its clients, along with the highest level of honesty and integrity.

Our Services

Integrity Business Services offers a variety of services to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

Tax Preparation and Planning

With tax laws changing every year, it can be a challenge to keep on top of the particular changes that affect you and your business. Let our tax experts prepare your individual and business tax returns and advise you on ways to minimize your tax liability.

Payroll Services

There are numerous local, state, and federal tax laws that all interact to make payroll and withholding difficult to manage. Our payroll experts can manage these business functions for you and alert you to changes in the tax laws that might affect you and your business.


If your business doesn’t have an accountant on staff, bookkeeping can be an exercise in frustration. Let us make your job easier with our bookkeeping service. We will manage your chart of accounts and keep a set of books that accurately reflects the financial state of your business.

Sales Tax Services

Managing and submitting state and local sales taxes can be complicated, especially if you do business in multiple tax jurisdictions. Our sales tax services can simplify these tasks for you by helping you track your sales tax obligations and preparing your sales tax returns.

Business Consulting

Sometimes it’s good to get an outside perspective from a professional you can trust. Whether you need help solving a problem that faces your business or weighing the costs and benefits of an opportunity, we can provide the perspective you need. With our business consulting services you can count on getting an independent view that provides the insight you need to make decisions that further your goals.

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